Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Wonderful Week!!

Oh my goodness!  I had such a fantastic time at my very first Stampin' Up! convention!  It was so amazing!!!  I got to meet so many nice people and learned so many neat things.  I got to meet Shelli my very first day too!  I had such a great time and so much happened that I don't even know where to start and what to say.
 Salt Lake City welcomed everyone! These flags were up all around the city.

 The blue lemon...a fantastic place to eat...wonderful food and fun atmosphere!

 Shelli!  So honored to meet her!

 The gatherings!  It was amazing just how many people there were!

 A dark selfie of me, Barbara (my upline) and Beverly!

 Stampin' Up! headquarters...had a fantastic time touring the facility...I cannot believe how creativity goes on here!  

Swaps, swaps and more swaps!  Oh my goodness!  I only made 24 swaps...and I wish I had made more.  I was almost out my very first day.  I really enjoyed getting a sample of every one's creativity and was happy to share mine! you can see... that is just a sampling of the 5 fantastic days I spent in Salt Lake City for my very first ever (and hopefully not last) Stampin' Up! convention!  

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